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Children's Poems

The Way Home

There is a baby duck

He tries to reach his home

To follow mama duck

To be with family

But wobbled much too slow


Not knowing he could fly

He only knows to walk

No matter where he goes

He gets stuck in the mud

He gets stuck in the snow


As days and days go by

He comes to realize

I can fly in the sky

I can see everything

And find my way back home

Summary. A little duckling named Kibbee is born and soon after he feels forgotten. The duckling is overwhelmed with disappointment from his low stature until he learns something extraordinary.

Poem is based upon the short story "Kibbee, Part 1"

Accompanying children's song is "Lucky Ducky"


Joseph Y. Stateson

Keith Yrisarri Stateson



© 4May2021 1st Publication Keith Yrisarri Stateson


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